Monday, November 14, 2011

6. Lycanthropy

Lycanthropy is the study of the professed ability or power of a human being to undergo transformation into a werewolf, or to gain wolf-like characteristics. The term comes from Greek Lykànthropos.The word lycanthropy is sometimes used generically for any transformation of a human into animal form, though the precise term for that is technically "therianthropy". Sometimes, "zoanthropy" is used instead of "therianthropy". The word has also been linked to Lycaon, a king of Arcadia who, according to Ovid's Metamorphoses, was turned into a ravenous wolf in retribution for attempting to serve human flesh (his own son) to visiting Zeus in an attempt to disprove the god's divinity.
A more modern use of the word is in reference to a mental illness called lycanthropy in which a patient believes he or she is, or has transformed into, an animal and behaves accordingly. This is sometimes referred to as clinical lycanthropy to distinguish it from its use in legends.

More in depth information on Lycaon, i have researched and found on wikipedia.
The different versions of the myth are as follows:
  • According to Pausanias VIII Lycaon was instantly transformed into a wolf after sacrificing a child on the altar of Zeus and sprinkling the blood on the altar.
  • According to Apollodor, Lycaon had sired 50 sons with many wives. These sons were the most nefarious and carefree of all people. To test them Zeus visited them in the shape of a poor peon. They mixed the entrails of a child under the god's meal, whereupon the enraged Zeus threw over the table with the meal, which explains the name of the city Trapezus, and killed Lycaon and his sons with lightning. Only the youngest son was saved due to the intervention of the earth-goddess Ge.
  • According to Lykophron, all were transformed into wolves.
  • According to Hyginus, Jupiter came to Lycaon . In this version only Lycaon was transformed into a wolf man and his 50 sons were killed by lightning.
  • Nicolas Damascenus tells that Lycaon's sons were nefarious. To test Zeus they mixed the flesh of a boy under the sacrifices, whereupon all who were present during the murder of the child were killed by lightning.
  • According to Ovid, it was only Lycaon who served Zeus the flesh of a prisoner, partly cooked and partly roasted. Thereupon Zeus brought the roof down and transformed the fleeing Lycaon into a wolf.
  • According to Eratosthenes, Lycaon butchered his grandson, who was put together again by Zeus and placed upon the constellations.

Monday, October 24, 2011

2. Response to an artist. (Ryan Reynolds)

Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His father, Jim, is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who later became a food wholesaler, and his mother, Tammy, is a retail salesperson. He is of Irish ancestry and was raised Roman Catholic. The youngest of four brothers, he graduated from Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver in 1994. He then attended Kwantlen College, also in Vancouver, until dropping out.
Reynolds' career began in 1990 when he starred as Billy the botsman in the Canadian-produced teen soap Hillside, distributed in the United States by Nickelodeon as Fifteen. As an adult, Reynolds starred in the National Lampoon movie Van Wilder and the American television series Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place, playing medical student Michael "Berg" Bergen. In 1993 and 1994 he had a recurring role in The Odyssey as Macro. He also cameoed in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle as a nurse, appeared in The In-Laws with Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks, as well as the Canadian production Foolproof. In 2005 he played a waiter named Monty in Waiting..., and as music executive Chris Brander in the romantic comedy Just Friends alongside Amy Smart and Anna Faris. Reynolds played the protagonist in the 2008 film Definitely, Maybe. He has also appeared in the second season finale of the television series Scrubs, where he played Spence, a college friend of J.D. and Turk. In 2007, Reynolds guest-starred as Brendan's friend Hams in the episode "Douchebag in the City" of the TBS sitcom My Boys. In 2009, he portrayed Andrew Paxton, starring opposite Sandra Bullock, in the romantic comedy The Proposal, and park's repairs technician Mike Connell in Adventureland. Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor because he has a comical tone to his acting and voice/personality.

Friday, October 14, 2011

6. Research of personal interest. (Severus Snape)

Severus Snape is a fictional character in the Harry Potter book series written by J.K. Rowling. In the first novel of the series, he is hostile toward Harry and is built up to be the primary antagonist until the final chapters. He tends to be more approved torwards the Slytherin side. As the series progresses, Snape's character becomes more layered and complex. Rowling does not fully reveal the details of his true loyalties until the end of the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Over the course of the series, Snape's portrayal evolves from that of a malicious and partisan teacher, to that of a pivotal character of considerable complexity and moral ambiguity. Snape primarily teaches Potions at Hogwarts, though in the sixth novel he teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts, a position which he was known to have desired throughout the series. He ultimately becomes Headmaster of Hogwarts in the final novel. He is my favorite character of Harry Potter.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

6. Research of personal interest: Vogue Photography

In 1892 Arthur Baldwin Turnure founded Vogue as a weekly publication in the United States.When he died in 1909, Cond√© Montrose Nast picked up the magazine and slowly began growing its publication. He changed it to a bi-weekly magazine and also started Vogue overseas starting in the 1910s. He first went to Britain in 1916, and started a Vogue there, then to Spain, and then to France in 1920, where it was a huge success. The magazine's number of publications and profit increased dramatically under his management.
Vogue Photography is basically the category of vintage photography that i want to be in.
I would love to take pictures for magazines or commercial advertisements, etc. So it is a very special interest to me. Especially taking pictures of gorgeous models out in the world like they did with Marilyn Monroe.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2. Response to an artist: Frank Ocean

Christopher Francis Ocean.
Also known by: Frank Ocean.
He is one of my top artist that really gets my attention. His music is the best thing that has ever been inside my ears. His album: "Nostalgia" is my favorite! He has written songs for Justin Beiber <3, John Legend, and even Beyonce.
He is as well apart of "OFWGKTA" which is also one of my top. One of my favorite songs from him are: "She" and "Songs for Women"
He also does photography, which is something im interested in.
So, basically, he's the best.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Which art section am I interested in as a career?
I would be very interested in photography.
Murray State University has a photography section that i could take for a major.
Photo-Journalism is the branch of photography i want to make as my career.
Average income for a photo-journalist is $30,000 a year.
I love to be "on the spot" during something special that happens. So i would like to work for a news station, or a City Newspaper company.