Thursday, September 8, 2011

2. Response to an artist: Frank Ocean

Christopher Francis Ocean.
Also known by: Frank Ocean.
He is one of my top artist that really gets my attention. His music is the best thing that has ever been inside my ears. His album: "Nostalgia" is my favorite! He has written songs for Justin Beiber <3, John Legend, and even Beyonce.
He is as well apart of "OFWGKTA" which is also one of my top. One of my favorite songs from him are: "She" and "Songs for Women"
He also does photography, which is something im interested in.
So, basically, he's the best.

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  1. Cool artist Tyler. Don't forget to insert a link to some of his appropriate songs or videos. I know we cant go to youtube at school, but try to edit your post at home to add those links.
    Never would have heard of this artist if you hadn't posted. Thanks!

    Mr. K